Let the Mario Mayhem Begin!

Everybody loves Mario, and there's always some new fan art, fan produced game, fan WHATEVER that comes out pretty much every day that any Mario fan should see. So, I'll try to bring you some awesome Mario content every time Mundane Gamer's periodical Mario Mayhem mashup comes around.

So, with that, let's get to what you really want to see. You want the dirt on that sexy plumber in the red suit, don't you.

Rube Goldberg - esque Mario Levels / Perpetual Mario Machines

Some people go to extreme lengths to create custom Mario levels that are completely automated. You load the level, and Mario plays through the whole level on his own, relying solely on game mechanics, obstructions, and monsters to get him through. Pretty ingenious stuff, actually.

Real Life Piranha Flower

I'd wouldn't keep that near anything flammable if I were that homeowner.

Super Mario Forever

Probably the best fan made/produced Mario game to date. Extremely in depth, beating Super Mario Forever is sure to bring back old memories, and make some good new ones.

Download: Super Mario Forever

Keep your eyes peeled for the next Mario Mayhem mashup, and more of your favorite red clad game hero.