Mario Mayhem Continues!

Back again with our second installment of the Mario Mayhem column, bringing the best of all the 'mazing Mario madness to your computer!

Play Flash-Based Mario Games Online

Super Mario Games hosts a variety of different types of Mario themed games, from Tetris type games, to Mario quizzes, Mario card games, fan remakes of classic Mario side scrollers, and more! Head on over to to check them out.

NES Cartridge Retro Gaming Art

Not only is this amazing Mario related art, if you check out the rested of the NES Cartridge Art at Hush Monkey Studios, I think your jaw might drop a couple times. HMS brings retro gamer art to a whole new creative level, and some of the pieces have been featured in Nintendo Power magazine!

Super Mario Frustration (The Forgotten Level)

If you've ever seen the YouTube video of the insanely hard Super Mario Brothers level that you probably have never played, well you're in luck! Get prepared to waste hours and hours and hours and hours of your life wondering how the schmuck in the video actually completed it!

ROM Download:
JNES Download:
Note: You must play this ROM with JNES for it to work.

Hope we satisfied your Mario cravings, at least for a little while ... keep your eyes open for the next issue of Mario Mayhem!