Call of Duty 5: Nacht der Untoten - Survival Guide

For beating the Call of Duty: World at War campaign missions, you are rewarded with a bonus game mode, Nazi Zombies. In this mode, players are stationed in the bunker building on the Airfield map at night time, defending themselves from the risen corpses of their Nazi foes. Nacht der Untoten (Night of the Living Dead) is definitely one of the best zombie mods for a first person shooter that I've played to date.

I leave you with a few tips for survival against the hordes of undead.

Rule Number 1: Watch your six. Zombies are sneaky, especially the crawling ones, you never know when one (or ten) might be creeping up on you. You can repair broken fortifications with your back turned to them, so you can cover another entry point while you rebuild! Zombies will start breaking through the mortared wall in the Help Room at level 5, and on level 10, I suggest you get your butt upstairs!

Rule Number 2: Don't buy any weapons! Use your cash on the Mystery Box, in its rewarding void you will find the Ray Gun, MG42, and M2 Flamethrower, the essential weapons for survival. Hopefully you will luck out and get one or a combination of these weapons before you are overrun.

Rule Number 3: Don't buy the stairs in the starting room! When you have to move upstairs, the circular stairs in the main room are a floodgate for zombies, and can easily force you into a corner you don't want to be in.

Rule Number 4: Watch the round counter vigilantly. When a teammate dies, sprint with them to gather new weapons downstairs at the ending of one round and the beginning of the next. You only have time for one person to try the Mystery Box one time before you have to sprint back upstairs, so hurry up and be careful.

Rule Number 5: Use your power-ups wisely. Reload before nabbing a Max Ammo. Eliminate as many zombies as possible before using a Bomb. Switch to your crappy automatic or bolt action if you can while you have Instant Kill.

Hopefully you will last a few more rounds now that you know what's required to fend off the never ending tide of ... Nazi Zombies!