Fixing Fable 2 Freeze Issues

Not even ten minutes after I had gotten home and popped in my Fable 2 disc, played through the cute little intro, witnessed my poor little sister get shot, and then as he shot me too and I broke through the glass ... I seemed to just hover there. Midair. What was going on? Was I going to do some cool time shift manipulation or something?

Nope. Fable 2 froze. I hadn't noticed the music had stopped as well. Well, I ejected the disc and checked for any scratches ... just as it should be, there were no scratches, I had bought the game new. Lame.

Well, turns out that the patch issued through Xbox Live is defective, some issues with Multiplayer, read about it at the Lionhead Forums.

Some people have been able to resolve the issue by turning off "Multiplayer Orbs" in the Fable 2 game settings, but most people, including myself, have fixed it by clearing the cached content on the xbox 360. Doing so deletes the corrupted patch, enabling crash-free game play.

Hope this was of help to anyone else who had the freezing issue!