Requiem: A Horror MMORPG

Requiem stands out in the vast selection of massively multiplayer online RPGs, it has a macabre style set in a sick, twisted free-explore sandbox.

You can pick from four races to play your character as:

  • Turan
    • Primary race of Ethergia, the world the game takes place on.
    • Well-rounded character, varied fighting styles.
  • Xenoa
    • Small bodied magic-wielding scientists.
    • Long-range and magic-based attacks.
  • Bartuk
    • Permanently at war with the Turan and Xenoa.
    • Warripr-type characters, usually weilding two-handed weapons.
  • Kruxena
    • Physically and spiritually superior to other races.
    • Strength and agility based classes available to this race.

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