What Happened to Earth Eternal

I don't know if any of you played it, but Earth Eternal was a really great and well executed browser based game. It was an MMORPG that featured quest, hack-and-slash, and player-versus-player aspects, much like World of Warcraft. But the greatest thing about it was that it was completely free!

Earth Eternal

Well, if you're like me you're a little late getting the news and wondering why your Earth Eternal client isn't updating, and their website is down, it's because Sparkplay Media's funding prospect backed away in August and had to pull the plug on the game.

HOWEVER, with all the popularity it gained, Earth Eternal caught some eyes in some high places because a company is currently in process of purchasing EE and will be restoring the project in the near future. (Source)


Anonymous said...

Sparkplay Media, the company behind EE, went bankrupt. However the game has been sold and the new company (no one knows who it is yet) is working on it.

If you want to keep up to date with whats happening, go here: http://ee.k5p.com/

Hope that helps