Don't Shit Your Pants Hints

Kongregate has a new game that is EXTREMELY funny, actually requires some degree of problem solving skills, and you really should play it.

SPOILER ALERT: If you don't want any help, don't read below the game screenshot!

Don't Shit Your Pants

  • Award 1: Thinking (and shitting) inside the box
    pull door, take off pants, go in bathroom, fart/shit
  • Award 2: Mr. Efficient
    take off pants, fart/shit
  • Award 3: Shitting 101
  • Award 4: So close and yet so far ...
    pull door, go in bathroom, fart/shit
  • Award 5: Sep-poo-ku
    take off pants, die
  • Award 6: Holding off the inevitable
    type 'shit' where you would type 'play' to begin the game
  • Award 7: The inevitable ...
    take pill, fart lightly/slowly
  • Award 8: Shitting at the starting gun
    you shit your pants anyways in award 7, which unlocks ward 8
  • Award 9: Slow typer
    do nothing, and wait for time to run out, you can 'fart slowly' if you wish
  • Final Award: You are the Shit King!
    you receive this award upon completion of all other challenges